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Branding & Brand Strategy
Creative Direction
Art Direction & Design
UX & UI Design
Web Development
Responsive Design
Customized Wordpress CMS
Product Development & Design
Product Photography
Product Photography Guidelines & Standards
Product Catalog - Art Direction & Design
Project Management


As head of Riviera, I lead the creative and art direction, design, and product development for the brand.

I rebranded Riviera Longboards to Riviera Skateboards and changed the website from to the call-to-action web address, I matched all our social media channels to fit the same call-to-action handle as well, which resulted in a 20% increase in online sales and contributed to a 54% increase in overall Riviera sales from the previous year.

I set the catalog guidelines and specs for all of Resource Distribution’s product lines, including Riviera Skateboards. I was involved in all aspects of catalog production, including layout & design. I set our product photography standards and guidelines for shooting across all media platforms. Before hiring an in-house media manager, I handled all product photography as well.

Work completed at Resource Distribution Inc.

High Fidelity Wireframes

Riviera Skateboards Web Wireframes 01Riviera Skateboards Web Wireframes 02Riviera Skateboards Web Wireframes 03

Custom Wordpress Admin Section

Custom admin section built for easy addition of products and team — Fill out the forms, add the pictures, and paste any links for a perfectly formatted front-end design.

Riviera Custom Admin ContentRiviera Custom Admin Product Shop LinkRiviera Custom Admin Deck & Rider Setup
Riviera Custom Admin Images & VideoRiviera Custom Admin Apparel InfoRiviera Custom Admin Team Rider Info

Riviera Stories untold Website

Riviera Skateboards Homepage Desktop
Riviera Skateboards Product Matrix DesktopRiviera Skateboards Accessories Desktop
Riviera Skateboards Artist Single DesktopRiviera Skateboards Team Matrix Desktop


Riviera Product Production OdysseyRiviera Product Photography OdysseyRiviera Product Media OdysseyRiviera Product Production Pray for SurfRiviera Product Photography Pray for SurfRiviera Product Media Pray for Surf
Riviera Product Photography Dawn Patrol
Riviera Product Photography Dineh

Print Design

Riviera Skateboards Ads Look, Friends! 01
Riviera Skateboards Ads Look, Friends! 02
Riviera Skateboards Ads Look, Friends! 03
Riviera Skateboards Ads Style, Form & Function - Amanda Powell
Riviera Skateboards Ads Style, Form & Function - Brad Parker
Riviera Skateboards Ads Style, Form & Function - Dubes
Riviera Skateboards Ads Stories Untold 01
Riviera Skateboards Ads Stories Untold 02
Riviera Skateboards Ads Stories Untold 03

Print Design

Riviera Catalog 01
Riviera Catalog 02
Riviera Catalog 03

Riviera Branding Icons

I developed Riviera Branding Icons to highlight the key selling points of our products in one strong, simple image that would appear throughout our catalogs and online. As active creative director, I designed variations of the original icons and then worked alongside our in-house designer to completion.

Riviera Skateboard Icons Left
Riviera Skateboard Icons Right