Creative Director - Brand Manager - Project Manager

Timeship Racing



Timeship Racing


  • Web Art Direction
  • UX & UI Design
  • Web Development
  • Responsive Design
  • Customized Wordpress CMS
  • Product Photography 
  • Product Photography Guidelines & Standards
  • Product Catalog - Art Direction & Design


As head of creative services, I lead the creative and art direction, design, and development for the Timeship Racing brand website. I set the catalog guidelines and specs for all of Resource Distribution’s product lines, including Timeship Racing. I was involved in all aspects of catalog production, including layout & design. I set our product photography standards and guidelines for shooting across all media platforms. Before hiring an in-house media manager, I handled all product photography as well.


Work completed at Resource Distribution Inc.
Timeship Homepage Desktop
Timeship Product Single Mobile
Timeship Single Product Tablet
Timeship Product Single Desktop
Timeship Single Team Mobile
Timeship Single Team Tablet
Timeship Single Team Desktop

Custom Wordpress Admin Section

Custom admin section built for easy addition of products and team — Fill out the forms, add the pictures, and paste any links for a perfectly formatted front-end design.

Timeship Custom Admin Team
Timeship Custom Admin Gloves
Timeship Custom Admin Accessories
Timeship Custom Admin Apparel


Timeship Product Photography
Timeship Racing Catalog