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UX & UI Design / Web Design / Responsive Design / Customized Wordpress CMS


I rebranded Riviera Longboards to Riviera Skateboards and changed the website from to the call-to-action web address, I matched all our social media channels to fit the same call-to-action handle as well, which resulted in a 20% increase in online sales and contributed to a 54% increase in overall Riviera sales from the previous year.



UI Design / Web Design / Customized Wordpress CMS




My oversight of Riviera’s product development involved project management across multiple departments for each season’s new line of skateboards. I worked with sales & marketing to determine the best-selling styles and top customer requests. I would forecast trends and chose new shapes and styles for each board category. Partnering with in-house and outside artists, my team worked to create the right aesthetic for each board and ensured the graphics were delivered on time and on budget. I personally completed the digital files for print production, including art separations and other prepress procedures. I also set up tech pack specifications for manufacturing, performed quality control checks on production samples, and placed the final production orders.




As creative director, I set the catalog guidelines and specs for all of Resource Distribution’s product lines, including Riviera Skateboards. I was involved in all aspects of catalog production, including layout & design. I set our product photography standards and guidelines for shooting across all media platforms. Before hiring an in-house media manager, I handled all product photography as well.



Riviera Icons

I developed Riviera Branding Icons to highlight the key selling points of our products in one strong, simple image that would appear throughout our catalogs and online. As active creative director, I designed variations of the original icons and then worked alongside our in-house designer to completion.


Riviera Skateboards AD GUIDELINES and campaigns

At Riviera, our design philosophy was to create ads that featured the three most important elements of our brand: People, Product and Purpose. I matched our brand to the best outlets for us to share Riviera Skateboards’ creativity, contributions to the global skate community, our family of riders, and the product we built to create a way of life.



Stories Untold

This marketing and ad campaign was inspired by our team road trip up Highway 1 to Big Sur and included a 25 minute mini-documentary. Stories Untold might have looked different had we gone with its original concept, but upon returning home, I realized we had so many great photos that I decided to adjust the campaign layout to feature the larger body of work we captured along the way. This was around the time Instagram was exploding in popularity and I wanted to complement that aesthetic. As a result, we were featured on what was then known as Instagram’s Popular Page and our following grew quickly. We saw an increase of 15% in online traffic, an increase in our direct online sales by 8%, and an overseas sales growth of 25%.


Look, Friends: CAMPAIGN for Blisss Magazine

Look Friends Campaign

I wanted to show the product in a non-standard, more three-dimensional way and played with a few variations of board layout & placement. The final display seen here was successful in allowing us to display the product in a creative way and provide technical specs on its features. I decided to cross-promote with our other in-house brands, expanding our advertising dollars but also sticking with Riviera's principle ad guidelines: People, Product and Purpose.


Style, Form & Function: CAMPAIGN for Concrete Wave Magazine:


This campaign was designed to appeal to more of a hardcore skate style, product & gear driven audience, as opposed to the lifestyle crowd. I decided to feature an in-the-face action shot showcasing ways the product could/should be ridden, along with product shots and overall deck dimensions & specifications for the real gear-headed skate fans.



Tilly's online ad images

I created three separate Riviera ads with simple, colorful lifestyle imagery and Riviera's Heritage logo in various sizes based on Tilly's advertising assets guide. The ads were placed throughout Tilly's advertising channels (Tilly's TV, online store and social media). Tilly's product order ran the gamut of our board line, so by not showcasing any one Riviera skateboard in particular, these ads were effective in promoting the overall product offering across all of Tilly's advertising channels.


Branding & Brand Statment:


We seek to inspire people to find freedom through their passions. We believe that there are no boundaries when you decide to you want to ride a skateboard. We share this philosophy through imagery and stories from the streets, line-ups and mountain roads we are constantly exploring. The Riviera 'Heritage Logo' is a symbol of these ideas and honors the people and the passion behind our brand. We believe in our people and we believe in our products.

Riviera was born from the idea that there are no rules when you pick up a skateboard. No matter the shape, length, wheelbase, graphic or genre of ride you seek, it’s all JUST SKATEBOARDING. Whether you’re bombing hills, sliding through turns, carving the park, pushing through a grind in a tight corner or just kickin’ down the street to pick up a few road sodas -- Riviera has you covered. We take pride in our surfing and street skating roots. That nostalgic spark that we’re always chasing seems to keep flickering when we’re rolling. Life’s a trip, and whichever path you’re on, hopefully you’ve found the perfect line to draw. We make skateboards for Future Classic Sessions!